Seattle, Washington was the birthplace and brought up in Bainbridge Is. (a small as well as private imaginative neighborhood west of Seattle), Blaine started his love for art in his youth. Constantly motivated to utilize his creativity, he would continuously study and also exercise the subject of arts if it was readily available. During his teens he traveled to a couple high schools in order to research graphic style, sculpture, digital photography, and life illustration. After finishing in 1994, he pursued his education and learning of life in the streets of Seattle and also Portland as a Writer.

After about 4 years of being in and out of towns and community colleges, Blaine and his younger brother decided to put their talents in the professional arena. Both chose to attend Otis College of Art and Design in LA (Los Angeles, California). Four years later Blaine graduated with a coveted BFA in the field of Communication Art and Design with a strong lead above his classmates and the impressive “Best in Show” award which is given at Graduation around 2002. When he attended School, being an Art Director was his profession to an up-and-coming design firm called Abound LLC. He was also an Art Director at a lifestyle and fashion Magazine called Metro.Pop. Blaine also worked as the Art Director for a youth men’s apparel company called Drifter, however in the month of January in 2003 he made the decision to quit the 9-5 grind and become a self-employed person in the field of art and design. Since then he hasn’t looked back. Blaine has been doing paintings, licensing, graphics and shows for Lineage Gallery, Upper Playground, Don O’Melveny Gallery, Pr1mary Space, The Lab 101, Distinction Gallery, Keep A Breast, Pacific Sunwear, Ocean Pacific, Sessions, SCION Installation Art Tour, KID ROBOT, NIKE, Ubiquity Recordings, LRG, Volcom, Metro.Pop, Scribble Theory Gallery, Liquid Force, Skeleton Art Gallery, FLIP, Stifle, FELT racing & Morey Boards. He keeps busy with commissioned paintings and is represented in numerous galleries across the United States.

Currently Blaine works in Long Beach, CA USA in a downtown loft with his creative partner and girlfriend Eugenie Jolivett(founder and designer of allmadbyus.com) along with his dog “Zeus” as a full time fine artist and designer. He shows frequently all across America and keeps busy with commissioned paintings, and high profile company licensing of his artwork and design.

>about his work_________________________________

Each of Blaine Fontana’s paintings is branded with his unique trademark of twisted and highly stylized figures. Often passive, and somber with a grin, Fontana has labeled these characters “Templings”, a fusion of two words, temple and being. Whether these beings are interpreted as people, gods, demigods, myths, shamans or your own reflection is up for interpretation. Neither male nor female they function as the face of a spiritual currency and ambiguity that heavily relates to the therapeutic intent of Blaine’s paintings. The Templing's also serve as the conduit of people’s emotions and memories around him and the studies he reads. Often these beings are similar, though it’s the richly textured and unique backgrounds that make literal information and colors intriguing juxtapositions free from linear storytelling different in each piece.

Many of the smaller tertiary images and renderings fill in the gaps for the theme and or concept of the work. They are usually graphic landscapes, generic people, numerical coding for actual dates, and dictation of streaming thought during the process of the art. It’s difficult to encapsulate the meaning of Blaine’s work since it is different each time. Each work possesses a microcosm of stories, myths, and beliefs intended only for that piece.

Fontana’s vision is influenced by religious myths, worldly folklore, and current social dynamics. Many cultures used and use art as a form of “medicine”, as a way of illustrating the visions of the shaman to the rest of the community. On the cusp of Blaine’s pursuit of developing his technique, he suffered a very personal & torturous experience. Out of this passage came some profound visions and clarity, which propelled him into a rapidly evolved way of viewing the world. This vision is the source of his eastern influences and spiritual language that can be recognized in his work.

Blaine’s techniques have roots form an array of places. Some of the most pertinent ones are graffiti, photography and graphic design. Having grown up amongst acres of forests surrounding him and also growing up in the urban jungles of Seattle, WA, he got the best of both worlds. He developed an enormous imagination over the paths of two different environments. These are the polar opposites that create a harmonious balance of partnership, the inorganic and organic, the physical and metaphysical, order and chaos.

Lastly, Blaine becomes very passionate when it comes to the craft of art. To many times you may have seen art that can’t hold an engaging relationship with the audience. In order for it to function, it is negatively co-dependent on the long-winded explanation that justifies its existence. Blaine pays very close attention to the details and integrity of the piece so that it will conjure up feelings; interaction and memory with the work are strongly considered, rather than a distant and cold piece that potentially brags elitism and complete detachment form the audience.



Art Director at Drifter Industries Clothing. 2002 - 2003
A young men's urban apparel line. Developed cutting edge branding systems, seasonal
campaigns, numerous graphics for multiple applications and advertisement concepts.
Overseeing and designing web site, catalog, video's and various media promos.

Art Director at Abound LLC. an interactive agency. 2000 - 2001
Developed new marketing strategies and management development for Abound
productions and entities, The Red Alert (clothing company), and a biweekly gallery
production(The Tree Lounge). Work consisted of web development, print,clothing, motion graphics, company branding & logo design.

*On-Going and Previous Freelance Clients Include:

Citizen Wines
Ocean Pacific Apparel
FELT Bicycles
Armada Skis
Pacific Sunwear Ltd.
Lifted Research Group (LRG community)
Liquid Force Wake Boards
Sessions Apparel
Nike in association with BAUER
Relentless Skateworks
Faulds Advertising Ltd.
Advanced Time Studies
Ubiquity Recordings
Zen Mechanics/Liquid (Pacific Continental Apparel)
Stifle Clothing
RTEA (Reaching To Embrace Arts)
Radiant Pearl Skin Therapy


Otis College of Art and Design
Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in Communication Arts.
Received highest award at graduation as "Best in Show"

Seattle Central Community College
Graphic Design

*Awards & Honors

2004 "Amy Award" Nominee for prestigious Young Professional Artist of Bainbridge Is. WA
Outstanding Acheivement Award presented by mayor of Costa Mesa, CA
2002 "Best in Show" Awarded for senior thesis project. OTIS College of Art & Design, Los Angeles, CA
1994 3rd place Bainbridge Is, WA Arts & Crafts Sculture Award

1994 1st Place Poulsb, WA Arts Council Photography Award


Gallery 825/Los Angeles Arts Association www.laaa.org
Antipodawear Global Collective www.antipodawear.com
Sumo Shop
Sixty Four Squares www.sxtyfoursquares.com
Reaching To Embrace Arts www.rtea.org
Los Angeles Pandimonium Collective www.thepandemoniumcollective.org
Cannibal Flower www.cannibalflower.com

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